Kids 3D Pen 20 Colors Filaments Bundle
Kids 3D Pen 10 Colors Filaments Bundle
3D Printing Pen
3D Printing Pen
3D Printing Pen
3D Printing Pen
3D Printing Pen
3D Printing Pen
3D Printing Pen

Kids 3D Pen 20 Colors Filaments Bundle

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Myriwell 3D printing pen is a low-temperature 3D printer pen, perfect for kids. Kids can create amazing 3D artwork with this 3D printing pen.

Wait for 1–3 minutes for the first time to use, allow the pen to fully heat until the indicator light changes from yellow to green. If the color did not change, please check does the plug power has not reached the basic requirements.

The package contains one pen, one power line, one packing box, and 20 colors * 5 meters each filament, one 3D Pen Drawing Stencil in 40 Pattens, and one 3D Pen Transparent Drawing Board.

20 colors FILAMENTS - With 100 meters long filament in 20 colors you get to truly express your creativity - Filaments are sealed in airtight plastics to make sure they stay intact and in one single piece.


- Pen starts with a narrow tip to fit nicely in kids’ hands

- Pen thickness increases as you move up making it easier for bigger hands to use

- Speed slider can slow or speed up filament release for beginner or advanced users

- Filament release button has a manual and automatic option allowing kids more control while providing grown-ups with speed.


- Filament ports keep filament out of the way

- Effortless filament removal

- Pen stays cool for prolonged enjoyment

- Better accuracy or productivity with speed slider - Quickly reach the precise melting point.


Discharging mode: Hot melt extrusion stacking molding

Consumables: PCL

Consumable diameter: 17.5 ±0.03 mm

Rated electrical parameters: DC 5V 1A


1 × 3D Pen

1 × 3D Pen Holder

1 × Pack 3D Pen Filaments in 20 Colors (5 meters each color)

1 × 3D Pen Drawing Stencil in 40 Pattens 

1 × 3D Pen Transparent Drawing Board


This pen can only use PCL filament! Other types of filaments are not supported.

During use, please make sure parents are using it together to prevent children from accidentally touching the pen tip and causing injuries.

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